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Be Quick with your photos

If it is possible that your subject moves, bolts, disappears, stops smiling, or just becomes tired of waiting for you to take a photo, you should shoot once right away. You should practice getting quicker and quicker to the draw.

Don’t fret about taking too many photographs and don’t wait until you're completely certain all the knobs are in their right position.

As the motto of one old t-shirts states, "Shoot First, Ask Questions Later."

Experiment with shutter speed

One of the most simple, overlooked, and exciting elements of photography is that you have the opportunity to slow time down or capture a split second.

One picture takes place so slowly that we couldn’t see it and the other takes place so quickly in real time that we would never spot it so play with shutter speed!

Use a slow shutter speed and a tripod to achieve a pretty picture of any creek or stream. On the other hand, you can use a quick shutter speed (1/500 and up) to get an object in motion or video it.

Combining a fast shutter speed with a long lens, a sports buff can get a trophy of your own when you are able to capture the expression on your favorite running back's face as he moves past the final defense toward a winning touchdown. Catching the moment in fast-paced action photography may take more practice so hang in there.

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